Security CU Blog

Welcome to our blog!

Do you guys remember that old Robin Williams movie where he was the radio DJ for the Armed Forced Radio Service? Well, “Good morning Security Credit Union!” (hopefully somebody gets that joke). We wanted to welcome you to a new space on our website, yes, we have our own blog and we’ve got some big plans for it as we get ready to head into 2018.

We thought that for our first blog post, we should probably explain the important information, the: who, what, when, where, why and how.

  • Who – The who is easy, for the most part, all of these blog posts will be written by Security Credit Union employees right here in the beautiful state of Michigan. Some of the blogs that you’ll find out on the internet will borrow or just use content from national voices, or syndicated columnists that sell blog posts. We didn’t want to do that. We believe in keeping things local, so you’ll notice that our posts are going to be pretty casual, and hopefully by keeping the voices writing them local, you’ll think it’s a pretty great place to get information.
  • What – Well, it’s a blog, and if you’re not familiar with a blog, it’s basically like a bunch of casually written articles and topics saved on our website. We’re also hoping to use this space to link to some cool stuff on our YouTube page and post pictures from some of the great community events that we go to.
  • When – Since we’re writing all of these things ourselves, we aren’t quite ready to commit to a release schedule yet, but we do promise that when we write and post something, we’ll link to it on our social media sites. For what it’s worth, we are hoping to get one of these written every week or so.
  • Where – Well, right here, on our website.
  • Why – Because there’s a ton of great information that we want to be able to tell all of our members but can’t always fit it in a social media post or in an article in our newsletter. So, voila! A blog.
  • How – I’ve never really understood why the “How?” question is in these lists, isn’t it kind of covered in all of the other ones?

There were a couple of other housekeeping issues that we wanted to bring up here in our inaugural post. First, you’ll notice that our blog doesn’t have a name, and we were hoping that you would be able to help us out with that. If you can think of something clever please drop us an email, if you submit the one we like best, you’ll win a $50 Visa Gift Card (and don’t bother submitting Bloggy McBlogsalot, that’s the one I’m submitting). You can email your suggestions to us at and please put “Blog Name” in the subject line.

Also, if you have any great ideas for a blog topic or if you have any financial questions that you’d like us to answer, email us at that same address above but with the subject line AskSCU. You can also ask us questions or send us topic ideas across social media with the hashtag #AskSCU.

Thanks for reading and we really hope that you’re going to like our blog! We’re really excited to write it and we’re very much looking forward to being able to share loads of new information.