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Awareness and Information for Security Credit Union Members

Security Credit Union Sign and Building

We are aware that a sign at our Flint Township office has caused some residents in our community to take notice in a way that we did not intend. The sign read, “We Back the Badge”, and has been displayed on the electronic message board for the last several months. We started displaying the message in late 2017, after receiving requests from several local municipalities, as a way to show our support for local first responders; paramedics, firefighters and yes, law enforcement personnel.

Some have asked us if this sign is a show of support for the heinous acts that occurred recently in Minneapolis. We hope you can see that this was obviously not our intent. We mourn the death of George Floyd and condemn the actions that took him away from his loved ones.

We have removed the message from our video message board, not because we don’t appreciate the sacrifice that all of our first responders make every day when they leave their homes, but because we don’t want our attempt to show appreciation to be misconstrued by our members.

We sincerely apologize to anyone who saw our message and interpreted it in any way other than the way that it was intended.

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