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My Rewards™ Premium Debit Cards

Step up your debit card game! Security Credit Union offers two PREMIUM debit card options: the My Rewards™ Gold or Platinum Debit Card that offer more than your standard, everyday debit card.

What you need to know

By choosing a Gold or Platinum debit card, you will receive even more benefits such as local discounts and savings, cell phone protection, prescription savings, emergency roadside assistance, just to name a few! Click here to see all of the benefits. 

My Rewards™ Gold Debit Card:

  • $5.95 per month
  • 1 point per $100 spent
  • Average of 2.5% cash back when shopping online
  • Average of 25 points per 100 for online shopping bonus'
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance - 1 event annually
  • Cell Phone Protection - 2 claims annually

My Rewards™ Platinum Debit Card:

  • $14.95 per month
  • 3 points per $100 spent
  • 2 times the cash back when shopping online
  • 2 times the bonus points when shopping online
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance - 3 events annually
  • Cell Phone Protection - 2 claims annually

How Does It Work?

It's easy! Earn points for simply swiping your My Rewards™ Gold or Platinum Debit Card to purchase merchandise or services.

Unlike other rewards programs where you need to earn thousands of points to earn a reward, with Security Rewards, you can redeem your points for gifts with as few as 100 points!

You will receive a code in the mail to redeem your points each month through

To enroll, click here:

To keep track of your rewards, download the My Rewards™ App.

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Federally insured by NCUA
1. Cash Back and Bonus Point amounts and Program discounts and Coupon Values vary in the sole discretion of the applicable participating retailer or service provider. 2. Up to $100 per event. 3. Up to $500 per claim. $50 deductible per claim. Provides coverage only for damage rendering the device no longer able to perform the function for which the device is intended (i.e., damage causing a phone not to be able to make and receive calls, etc.) 4. For iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ devices. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a Trademark of Google Inc. 5. Automatic scanning by email address. Additional data elements may be configured for monitoring by debit card holder. Any brand names included above should be assumed to be a valid and enforceable trademark belonging to their respective owners. For additional information on the benefits available, please visit