Why Certificates of Deposit are Becoming Popular?

"Certificate of Deposit" with SCU logo

After a year of surging prices, members are still grappling with the effects of rising inflation. Add in the rocky performance of Wall Street, and people are looking for a silver lining. One such opportunity is beginning to shine as savings rates also start to climb – it’s called a certificate of deposit (CD). Certificates…

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Fraud – ‘Tis the season to be on high alert!

While many of us are in the spirit of giving, some are in the spirit of taking.  The Christmas season is a favorite for fraudsters. Are you busy with life, and doing some online shopping this season? Here are some tips to stay safe: Check that you’re on a secure site. Look for the padlock in…

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Security CU Wallet is Here!

Security CU Wallet

Hello again everybody, we definitely don’t want to burden our new blog with a bunch of press releases. Now, we’re not pointing fingers at anyone who does do that in their blog (after all, it’s a great way to boost your number of blog posts), but that’s just not the way we want to do…

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