Alexa QuickPay

Using Amazon Alexa
We are pleased to announce that members can now verbally pay their bills through their Amazon Alexa device. This is a free service that we are offering to our members as we continue to work towards making banking more convenient.

QuickPay with Alexa

Welcome to QuickPay, a FREE new service that allows members to make bill payments from their Security Credit Union account via their Amazon Alexa device; the service does not currently support other smart speakers such as Google Home.

To utilize the service, members must first link their Online Bill Pay account to their Alexa device.

To do this:

  1. Log into Online Banking via the link at
  2. Once you have logged into your account, please click the “Bill Pay” tab at the top of your screen.
  3. From there, select “My account”.
  4. In the “Voice bill pay” section, click the “Add Alexa” link.
  5. You will next be prompted to enter your email address and establish a password to enter into the Alexa App. When the information is entered,
    click “Submit”.
  6. After the credentials are created, you will need to proceed to the Alexa App installed on your phone to link the accounts. Note: In order to
    complete this set-up, you must be connected to the same WiFi network as your Alexa device.
  7. Members will receive an email from our Bill Pay service indicating that they may begin using voice bill pay, however members must
    link their Alexa account to voice bill pay before paying their first bill.
  8. Open the Alexa App on your mobile device and click on the menu.
  9. Select “Skills & Games” from the menu, then select the search icon.
  10. Search for the “iPay QuickPay” skill seen below and select "Enable to Use"
  11. Enter the email address and password you selected in the Bill Pay system.
  12. Create a 4-digit PIN to use with Alexa, then accept the terms and conditions.
  13. Finally, you will be notified that QuickPay has been linked.

From here, you simply need to have Alexa open iPay QuickPay. Alexa will ask you for your 4-digit PIN and you will be able to utilize the service. In order to re-link your account or change a password, you will find new links in the “Voice bill pay” section of the “My account” tab within Bill Pay.

Looking for a detailed outline check out this helpful guide.